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Financial Therapy - Three Minute session with David Grunberg
The New GCHQ

GCHQ is synonymous with being at the centre of Britain’s technological counter-intelligence operations. This impressive building dominates its “profession”. In a similar vein, our new office has many of the same characteristics as a high tech, impressive hub of knowledge. Grunberg & Co continues to develop in 2018 and we look forward to you joining us on the journey.

I hope you enjoy learning more about what our future holds in this latest missive.

David Grunberg

GCHQ (Grunberg’s Colindale Headquarters)

By now you should be aware that we have moved from our old office in Golders Green to our new location in Colindale.

Our new high-tech hub, while not quite comparable to the real GCHQ, is much more suited to our needs as a fast-paced, modern, growing accountancy practice.

If you have been following the move on our Instagram account – @grunbergandco – you will have seen the amazing transformation that our new location at the Technology Park in Colindeep Lane has undergone.

We are slowly settling into our new office and are looking forward to showing more of our clients around in the coming weeks and months. Many thanks for all the good wishes and interest that you have shown in the project.

The location and style of our office really reflects our approach as a firm and provides us with the right image that we are seeking – we hope you will agree.

If you are unable to attend our office open day on 1st May (details will be sent out soon) and would like to drop by soon, why not give us a call or send us a message, we would be delighted to give you the full tour.

If you would like to book some time on the couch, or if you have any queries about our new location and what it means for you, please get in touch.

A change of direction

After a long and successful career as Founding Partner of Grunberg & Co, I have decided that a change is needed, and I will be shortly be changing my role to that of working on the business as opposed to working in the business, together with spending more time on my outside interests. So it is more of a change in direction, rather than the end of an era.

I have absolutely loved my job and have had the privilege to work with some fantastic staff and supportive Partners during my time at Grunberg & Co.

With my new found free time I will be focusing on property development and doing more charitable work – but will certainly NOT be mowing the lawn!

I also hope to expand my knowledge by undertaking further education in areas that interest me.

But what about the Financial Therapy newsletter?

Don’t worry, I will still be sending these out to you on a bi-monthly basis. If you have any queries about my new role, please feel free to contact me.

How to make the most of our relationship

It is sometimes easy to forget that the day-to-day interaction with our clients leads to the forging of close relationships.

So how can we make the most of this close link that we share?

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want – Expectations matter and where we aren’t hitting the mark, then you need to let us know so that we can provide a better service.

Let us know well in advance – The more we know, and the sooner we know it, the more we are able to do, in good time.

Feedback – We know that you get a lot of emails and information from us, which we hope you value, but equally, we value hearing what clients think about the advice we offer through our regular communications.

Be aware of deadlines – There are a number of important deadlines throughout the year, why not let us prepare a bespoke summary for you and your business so that you can plan ahead?

Improve your bookkeeping – We are now partners with online accounting providers, such as Xero, and can offer some affordable packages that will streamline your bookkeeping. By keeping your books in order or letting us handle them for you, you will have more information and time to help your business grow.

Don’t be shy, come and say hello – We regularly speak to clients on the phone, but we would love to meet face-to-face and there has never been a better time to come and see us. The kettle is always on, and I have a supply of Jaffa Cakes.

HMRC v our client – don’t let the Revenue take an unwarranted bite out of your finances

We recently assisted a client of ours in a complex HM Revenue & Customs tax enquiry.

Our client had been involved in a tax minimization scheme, which had been previously approved by some of the UK’s leading tax counsel. However, shortly after his return was submitted the taxman came knocking.

Thanks to our innovative approach to the way we handled this matter, our client was able to still make tax savings of around £0.4m and our actions have set an important precedent for future tax cases.

To give you a wider overview of the case our Tax Partner, Peter McMahon, who successfully represented our client, is currently preparing a summary of the case that will be available on our website in the near future.

This was an important win for us and our client, and wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of our team. Tax investigations are not only costly but also cause significant stress to the taxpayer, especially as they can take years to resolve.

If you suspect that you may be exposed over your tax affairs or have any concerns, please contact us immediately so that we can help.

The really, really boring bit……

Having the taxman ‘knocking on your door’ is never a pleasant experience as the above case highlights.

Thankfully this client was fortunate to have some degree of fee protection and so an element of the costs incurred were covered, allowing us to rigorously defend the issue on his behalf over a number of years and tribunal hearings.

We take the protection of our clients’ interests very seriously, which is why we offer fully comprehensive fee protection insurance to every business and individual with whom we work.

Our expertise in working with businesses and individuals who have been selected for a tax investigation or enquiry is paramount and we have a long and successful track record of assisting clients with complex tax matters.

If you would like to discuss the various types of fee protection available to you, please contact me or another member of our team.