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Financial Therapy - Three Minute session with David Grunberg
The future belongs to those who prepare for it today (Malcolm X)

The world is advancing at a quickening pace, and what was new one day, may be old hat a week later. At Grunberg & Co we are certainly moving with the times with the launch of our new App, the opening of our Colindale and City offices and our developing work with cryptocurrency.

I hope you enjoy learning more about what the future may hold in this latest update.

David Grunberg

Feed your App-etite for knowledge

With Apps becoming such an important part of everyone’s lives, we decided it was high time that we created our own, to keep clients up to date with the latest changes to taxation and accounting regulations.

Our new App is now live and is available to clients on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

You can download it using the QR code below, or by searching for the MyAccountants app.

  • Tax calculators
  • A calendar of key financial dates
  • A mileage tracker
  • Receipt management
  • Updates on changes to legislation
  • Access to our online portals to be able to easily approve documents
  • And much more.

Once you have downloaded the App, you will be required to enter the following unique code:


This fantastic FREE resource puts us at the forefront of accounting technology, so I would recommend that you download it today and give it a try. Should you run into any issues, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Open Sesame

At the start of May Grunberg & Co took a major leap in its history with the grand opening of our new office in Colindale. Unlike Ali Baba and the forty thieves, the treasure we have within will not be gold – but something far more valuable - knowledge.

Attended by around 100 guests and dignitaries, including an international delegation from Reanda International, the day couldn’t have gone better – even the sun was shining. We had a fantastic time meeting clients during our open house event and showing them around the offices, with many enjoying a slice of cake and a chat with members of our team.

The day was made all the more special by a visit from Mr Jin Xu, Minister Counsellor of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy, who attended to celebrate our close links with Chinese businesses through our membership of Reanda International.

My fellow partner Alain Stechler summed up the prevailing mood:

“From the day we moved to our new office, our firm experienced a complete rebirth with a constant buzz that is almost palpable and that makes it so exciting to be involved.

“This is such a momentous time for Grunberg & Co and it has been quite a journey getting here. It doesn’t seem possible to think that in just 28 years we have grown to become a Top 100 accountancy firm, with eight partners and a superb team, as well as the exclusive UK member of Reanda International.”

If you weren’t able to join us on the day we would be delighted to show you around our offices. So why not give us a call and we can arrange your next meeting.

Who is Reanda International?

We are proud to be the sole UK representative of the Top 20 global accountancy network, Reanda International. However, whilst we continue to promote the name in the UK, some of you may not be fully aware of what this membership and connection offers to you.

Reanda International was founded in China 25 years ago by one of the country’s leading accountancy firms. Since then it has grown significantly and now covers over 31 countries – with new nations being added on a regular basis.

The sole aim of this network is to enhance collaboration between jurisdictions, allowing member firms, such as our own Reanda UK, to support their clients overseas and gain access to the expertise they require, thereby opening new markets and opportunities.

Our official opening earlier this month also played host to the inaugural  European meeting of Reanda International, with members from as far afield as Turkey, Hong Kong, China and Australia, all taking part in discussions.

The network plans over the next five years to spread its influence to more than 50 countries worldwide and with our recent signing of our Strategic Agreement, we are perfectly placed to assist you to benefit from this growth.

We have already seen a number of enquiries and instructions through our membership, and look forward to welcoming more in the future.

If you are looking to expand your operations internationally or have an overseas matter where you think our membership of Reanda International might help, speak to me or our team.

Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn Governments (Charles Lee)

Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology behind it is becoming an important part of the modern world of business and investment.

Had you mentioned the name Bitcoin a decade ago, you would have received a puzzled look from those around you, but now this digital currency has become a household name.

With it becoming such a popular form of investment and part of the way businesses operate, here are a few points worth considering:

Expect Volatility – All forms of investment carry a degree of risk, but the cryptocurrency market continues to be very volatile and what is worth $20,000 one day may be worth just $6,000 dollars a day later, without any obvious explanation for the fall.

Anticipate Tax – HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) does not have a dedicated set of guidance on cryptocurrency, however, for individuals purchasing Bitcoin through an exchange, they are likely to be taxed at the disposal of the asset via Capital Gains Tax. Those mining or trading regularly, may have to pay income tax and national insurance.

Be realistic, possibly cautious – While often touted as a rag to riches tale with 1000% returns, a person’s investment strategy should not hinge on one asset and cryptocurrency should be part of a diverse portfolio. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Hold on to your wallet – Cryptocurrency is held in a digital wallet that is heavily encrypted, so it is essential that you keep track of it and your login details. A number of investors have lost small fortunes through simple mistakes.

Keep your eyes on the horizon – Companies are constantly launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and while some may be a success, others may flop. Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency, but others may offer better returns, so it’s best to seek advice.

I would encourage anyone considering cryptocurrency to speak to me or another member of our team to make sure you are well equipped to make an informed decision. 

In the City

The City of London has become synonymous with the world of finance and accounting. It is home to a number of the world’s leading listed companies and corporations, but its latest addition maybe its most important yet!

We have just opened a new office in heart of this booming area at 80 Coleman Street in Moorgate.

This beautiful Edwardian building – just down the road from the Guildhall – can trace its history back to the very origins of London’s founding as a city.

We think it is the ideal location to meet with new and existing clients and will help you to save time should you be in the area.

If you would like to meet us at our new office in the City of London, please let us know.

The daily grind

To conclude this month’s Financial Therapy I thought I would bring you an interesting statistic about our new office in Colindale.

Those who have already visited will have seen our clever hot drinks machines in our reception area, which come with a full menu of teas and coffees.

However, despite them being used on a daily basis for nearly two months, not once has the Chicory Tea option been selected. I can’t begin to think why?

If you enjoy this “tasty” refreshment, we would be delighted if you could join us at our new office to enjoy a cuppa and a chat with our team. (Other refreshments are available)